Definition of honest broker in US English:

honest broker


  • An impartial mediator in international, industrial, or other disputes.

    • ‘We may have to act as an honest broker between the two of them.’
    • ‘They are wrong to line up so stridently on either side of this bloody feud at a time when the United States really needs to become more of an honest broker in the Middle East.’
    • ‘The traders want the scheme to succeed and I have pledged to act as an honest broker between them and the developers.’
    • ‘They try to equate attacks from the left with attacks from the right; to give the impression that the government is an honest broker caught between impossible demands.’
    • ‘And our role in the Middle East is to try to be the negotiator, the mediator, the honest broker, and to be able to work with both sides.’
    • ‘‘We cannot have an honest broker at the negotiating table with a perceived particular influence,’ Dean said.’
    • ‘‘We would like to see Canada act the role of an honest broker at an international conference,’ Samdup said.’
    • ‘The negotiators of the initial tobacco settlement had chosen Myers as an honest broker who could represent the interests of the public-health community at the negotiating table.’
    • ‘Or he may have wanted to restore his image as an honest broker.’
    • ‘All I can do is to offer myself as an honest broker and make myself available to talk to the people who can help provide a solution.’
    • ‘Those indicators put the Government of New Zealand in the role of an honest broker as far as the economic performance of the country is concerned.’
    • ‘Both the Jordanians and the Irish are seen as honest brokers in the international sphere, he added.’
    • ‘An independent third party will have to play the role of an honest broker, even though the Kathmandu government remains opposed to any such role for outsiders.’
    • ‘Arabs were dismayed by the veto, with some saying the vote showed the United States had lost its credibility as an honest broker in the Middle East.’
    • ‘If the United States departs from the path of being the honest broker, the peacemaking process will be jeopardized.’
    • ‘They are positioning themselves to play the role of honest brokers with the French government.’
    • ‘At the meeting O'Neill refers to, Cheney was simply acting as an honest broker, keeping his personal views private.’
    • ‘Yet - as in other EU policy-making areas - the presidency must avoid the impression of pushing a particular national agenda if it wishes to act as an honest broker.’
    • ‘There is manifestly a great need for acceptable honest brokers to help in the process of achieving stability.’
    • ‘Israel has also achieved some success in winning a more friendly response from Russia, which is again seeking to challenge US domination of Middle Eastern affairs by offering itself as an honest broker between Israel and the Arab regimes.’


Late 19th century: translating German ehrlicher Makler with reference to Bismarck, Otto von, under whom Germany was united.


honest broker

/ˈänəst ˈbrōkər//ˈɑnəst ˈbroʊkər/