Definition of homosocial in US English:



  • Relating to social interaction between members of the same sex, typically men.

    • ‘It promoted mutualism among railroad men yet at the same time involved bourgeois values and looked to a cross-class homosocial mutualism encompassing management and workers.’
    • ‘Moreover, the court and humanist circles that fostered the work of these artists were for the most part male dominated, intensely homosocial and even homosexual.’
    • ‘In this period, children have a social organization that is homosocial; that is, the social division of males and females into separate groups.’
    • ‘He argues that pirates built an autonomous homosocial order at sea, one that transgressed the economic, social, political, cultural, and sexual values of late seventeenth and early eighteenth-century England.’
    • ‘Using their homosocial friendships as models, they had negotiated a set of shared guiding values that they hoped would help them have an egalitarian marriage.’
    • ‘Second, and related to this, how far have gay men and lesbians been on the cutting edge of the 20th century move from a homosocial to a heterosocial culture?’
    • ‘But I also reject the idea that women should have to model their homosocial relationships on men's, and I can't think of anything that could replace the idea of the sisterhood.’
    • ‘Working-class masculinity was rooted in the more homosocial worlds of the trade union, the lodge, and other male-dominated urban spaces.’
    • ‘In contrast, I will argue, such writers and their readers may repress women but they maintain homosocial culture by exchanging misogynistic words about them.’
    • ‘The homosocial paradigm of the fraternity of officers, however, produces a new impossibility, for its same-sex society cannot reproduce, cannot generate a future.’
    • ‘For instance, little has been said of the role played by the homosocial dimension in the dynamics of the Surrealist group, nor the effect of this dynamic on the participation of women in the movement.’
    • ‘As in the traditional form of the myth, the homosocial bonds forged between the heroes unite the black and white males against the repression represented by women and the law.’
    • ‘The Highland space that provides the setting for much of the story's action is also a predominantly homosocial space notable for the bonding that takes place between Alan and Davie.’
    • ‘Whereas the homosocial exchange occurs between two or more men, often over the body or idea of a woman, the homosexual exchange eliminates the woman altogether.’
    • ‘Yet Stuart was more than an understandable emotional referent for Weld as he made the transition from homosocial friendships into heterosexual marriage.’
    • ‘In fact, such laws were often inspired by imperial anxieties about homosocial cultures among their subordinate peoples.’
    • ‘As such, the actions of both princes embody a male cultural fantasy of absolute autonomy based on the disavowal of the crucial role that women play as mediators within traditional homosocial culture.’
    • ‘The very complicatedness of this layered, homosocial, mentor-mentee liaison makes it compelling, if not exactly coherent.’
    • ‘Their indefatigable references to women and eroticism, couched in vigorous and seductive language, speak to an awareness that references to women and sexuality enable homosocial bonds between male writers and readers.’
    • ‘Most of her closest adult friends, both male and female, had same-sex partners, and the norm of her youth was homosocial, if not heterophobic.’