Definition of homopteran in US English:



  • A bug of the group Homoptera.

    • ‘Benefit to homopterans is tested by manipulating the presence or abundance of ants, and the density of predators is compared between treatment and control groups.’
    • ‘Other tended homopterans consisted of a small colony of aphids feeding on P. tremuloides (aphids were removed prior to the experiment).’
    • ‘Other studies have shown a similar association between ant tending level and homopteran survivorship.’
    • ‘One of the first field experiments to detect adaptive population structure was conducted with Nuculaspis californica, a highly sessile homopteran scale insect that displayed local adaptation to individual ponderosa pine trees.’
    • ‘More than half of the arthropods were spiders, followed by coleopterans, orthopterans, and homopterans.’
    • ‘At least one study has shown that leaf-chewing insects took longer to recover from defaunation than did other more mobile taxonomic groups, such as homopterans.’


  • Relating to or denoting homopterans.

    • ‘Associations of Hymenoptera with Homoptera have intrigued ecologists and evolutionary biologists as model systems of mutualism.’
    • ‘The recognition of homopterans by tending ants is critical in ant/homopteran trophobiosis.’