Definition of homopolar in US English:



  • 1Having equal or constant electrical polarity.

    • ‘When I was trying to understand homopolar machines recently, it was wonderful to find your ‘balancing D-cell’ homopolar motor at the end of this page.’
    • ‘Here is about as simple a motor as you can get - the old homopolar motor.’
    • ‘Here, I survey the results of our investigation of the atomic structure of dislocation cores in homopolar semiconductors.’
    • ‘In order for the homopolar motor to fully exploit the advantages of reduced size and weight, the field coils must be superconducting.’
    • ‘The magnetizing flux of a hybrid motor flows along the rotor axis, while the mechanism for rotor suspension is the same as that of the homopolar magnetic bearing.’
    1. 1.1 (of an electric generator) producing direct current without the use of commutators.
      • ‘Each roller magnet in the Searl device is a small homopolar generator and the entire set of rollers create a radial Lorentz force too.’
      • ‘I currently have measured results from a simple homopolar design I am using to experiment with.’
      • ‘Figure 1 is a sectioned isometric view showing a homopolar generator.’
      • ‘Since then, brush gear has been designed, manufactured and installed, and large-scale tests have been made with this gear in the homopolar generator.’