Definition of homophonically in US English:



  • See homophonic

    • ‘Here the chorus sings mostly homophonically against a simple but striking orchestration.’
    • ‘Compared with earlier composers of humanist odes Palladius loosened the musical fabric: instead of having all the voices declaim the text homophonically, he added counterpoints, set one group of voices against another, inserted polyphonic sections and created lively rhythms by means of syncopation.’
    • ‘Or perhaps the fact that the two have homophonically similar names has something to do with it.’
    • ‘This time, the choral parts are set homophonically, perhaps to amplify the more insistent statement in the text.’
    • ‘Sor's musical form is predicated on the idea of contrasting one melody homophonically with a second melody.’