Definition of homogenate in US English:



  • A suspension of cell fragments and cell constituents obtained when tissue is homogenized.

    • ‘Therefore, we used Western analysis to determine the relative contents of these contractile proteins in whole lung homogenates.’
    • ‘Analysis of metabolites in whole tissue homogenates is, therefore, of limited value as this provides only an average of the contribution made by many different types of cell.’
    • ‘The spectra of the two homogenates of the same tissue type from the biopsy samples of each patient were averaged to obtain a single spectrum.’
    • ‘The number of colonies of the three plates was added and this number was used to determine the ratio of each mutant to the wild-type control within the homogenate from each animal.’
    • ‘Plasma membrane vesicles were purified from root homogenates using the sucrose gradient or two-phase partitioning procedure as previously described.’
    • ‘Free amino compounds were extracted from tissue homogenates according to the procedure described by Shaul and Galili.’