Definition of homogametic in US English:



  • Denoting the sex which has sex chromosomes that do not differ in morphology, resulting in only one kind of gamete, e.g. (in mammals) the female and (in birds) the male.

    The opposite of heterogametic
    • ‘Appropriate data for the homogametic sex of insects, birds, and mammals were collected with an extensive literature search comprising more than 1000 articles.’
    • ‘It possesses a pair of heteromorphic sex chromosomes; females are homogametic and males heterogametic.’
    • ‘Many groups have the familiar XX female, XY male system encountered in most mammals, but others, such as birds and butterflies, have heterogametic ZW females and homogametic ZZ males.’
    • ‘Male birds are homogametic, with sex chromosome constitution designated ZZ, while females are heterogametic, with sex chromosomes ZW.’
    • ‘Most of the species in this complex obey Haldane's rule, which says that sterility is found in hybrids of the heterogametic sex, whereas the homogametic hybrids are fertile.’