Definition of homicide bureau in US English:

homicide bureau


  • The division of a police department that deals with the crime of murder.

    ‘a separate team from the Homicide Bureau is investigating Clarke's killing’
    • ‘He revamped the legendary homicide bureau, shaking up sinecures that extended back to Dewey in the 1930s.’
    • ‘In court on Monday, the chief of the district attorney's homicide bureau showed pictures of the victim.’
    • ‘The homicide bureau chief passed this information along to the convicted defendant, who began to seek a new trial.’
    • ‘He said he had gone to the homicide bureau because he wanted to tell the police about the shooting in which his wife was killed.’
    • ‘The source said that contrary to some media reports, the homicide bureau is not involved in the investigation.’
    • ‘The new homicide bureau has already disturbed a number of policemen, some of whom complained after more than 61 experienced officers were transferred to the bureau.’
    • ‘Due to the additional information, the sheriff's homicide bureau has decided to take another look at the case.’
    • ‘Family and authorities are asking anyone with information to contact the sheriff's homicide bureau, missing persons division.’
    • ‘There has been no word since, and investigators have sent his file to the homicide bureau for investigation.’
    • ‘The homicide bureau submitted statistics in which it claims that 35 murders were solved out of about 150 for the year to date.’