Definition of homeward in US English:


(also homewards)


  • Toward home.

    ‘setting off homeward’
    • ‘So I plodded back to the car, purchasing a pack of sandwiches on the way, and headed homewards, taking a wide detour in the direction of Boston and then turning off to join my familiar country roads.’
    • ‘While the weather was favourable for the first four races very heavy rain began to pour down just after three o clock and many people were left with no option but to head homewards.’
    • ‘With a sigh, I take a few steps around the deck and look homeward, towards the town.’
    • ‘If licensing hours are more relaxed, then not only will people not feel under pressure to have their fill quickly, but they will also drift away homewards at varying times.’
    • ‘There was no way we could carry on, no choice but to limp homewards.’
    • ‘He had taken a wrong turning when heading homewards from Copmanthorpe through an unfamiliar area.’
    • ‘Driving homewards on the M4 tonight, I reflected, as I do from time to time, on how much I love England.’
    • ‘More rubbish is talked, and eventually we wend our way homewards.’
    • ‘His behavior baffled Estelle her but she did not comment as they rode silently homewards.’
    • ‘What better satisfaction that downing a frosty can of export lager after battling homeward through the A-roads of the steamy English countryside?’
    • ‘Tash beamed at him, and began to race homewards.’
    • ‘He gave me a hurt look, but turned the car homewards anyway.’
    • ‘The lesson passed pretty quickly and, having practised some maneuvers, I was soon driving homewards again.’
    • ‘As I packed up and drove homewards, I had a feeling of quiet calm.’
    • ‘Sighing, he strode off homewards, to respond to Anna's distress calls.’
    • ‘On Friday, we thought we'd try lunch at the Stag and Hounds in Binfield, but there wasn't a table free, so we'd headed back homewards and went to the poshest place in the village.’
    • ‘I'm about to head homewards to then go on to college.’
    • ‘The day had begun to look brighter (despite the incessant rain), as I headed homewards.’
    • ‘After meeting up with Mat, Luke and I got on the tube at Oxford Circus, heading homewards.’
    • ‘On the way home I bumped into Laura; we had a quick catch up then she went on her way to work and I trundled on down the hill homewards.’
    • ‘He turned his horse homeward and set off at an easy pace down the hillside.’


  • Going or leading toward home.

    ‘their homeward journey’
    • ‘He made the homeward journey by way of Longbill Manor where he stopped at the gate and looked down the drive.’
    • ‘Before the homeward journey, a final stop for refreshments was made at Kinvarra.’
    • ‘He has just completed about two months in the saddle pedalling from Tiananman Square in Beijing, China, setting off in early March on his homeward journey.’
    • ‘Unlike the journey to Iran, the players and supporters were able to enjoy alcohol on the homeward flight, courtesy of a free bar arranged by team sponsors Eircom.’
    • ‘Having enjoyed their day out, they arrived back at Moyne at 9 pm and set out on their homeward journey.’
    • ‘The cost is €55 which includes the coach trip, entrance fee and food on the island and dinner on the homeward journey.’
    • ‘They are bound to slow commuters' homeward journeys.’
    • ‘Endeavour will sail from Whitehaven, Cumbria, on November 8, on a homeward route that will retrace some of Cook's voyages.’
    • ‘Violence frequently marks their homeward trips if they lose, which at times results in damage to the trains they are traveling on.’
    • ‘Pentland Ferries' second vessel spent another night away from home last night, after weather and tidal conditions prevented the final leg of her homeward journey.’
    • ‘After a perilous homeward journey he reached England in 1774, only to encounter serious doubts about the validity of his discoveries.’
    • ‘Lisselton came up trumps in the big game and understandably the team and supporters were in a jubilant frame of mind on their homeward journey.’
    • ‘He said he would take time during his homeward journey to reflect on the images that struck him.’
    • ‘Bryan died on the homeward leg of a European journey in 1870, and the paintings he acquired on that trip formed a posthumous bequest to the society, swelling his lifetime gift to more than 375 works.’
    • ‘The itinerary includes a visit to Strokestown House, a cruise on the River Shannon, time for shopping and a meal on the homeward journey.’
    • ‘I'll never forget the singing on the homeward journey - everyone happy, sunburnt, slightly tipsy and exhausted.’
    • ‘An extra outward train in the morning and an extra homeward train in the evening should ease difficulties being experienced by commuters.’
    • ‘She knew she needed to decipher it, knowing that the prophecy held the key to her homeward journey.’
    • ‘Christmas cards went early, because of the long homeward flight.’
    • ‘After waiting some considerable time for a taxi at York Railway Station one Friday afternoon, I asked the driver on the homeward journey if he thought there were sufficient taxis in York to meet the demand.’


Old English hāmweard (see home, -ward).