Definition of homesick in English:



  • Experiencing a longing for one's home during a period of absence from it.

    ‘he was homesick for America after five weeks in Europe’
    • ‘For the first two terms there I was very homesick and if anyone said anything cross to me, I'd burst into tears.’
    • ‘She still gets a bit homesick, but she says she couldn't live in the UK again.’
    • ‘But she's enjoying the taste of the big wide world even though she still gets homesick for Alice.’
    • ‘Next month he is going to Canada to try to drum up a bit of investment among homesick Scottish Canadians.’
    • ‘He worked in Hamilton for a year, but was always homesick.’
    • ‘When I've lived in other countries, it's what I've been most homesick for.’
    • ‘Since leaving Delhi almost four years ago, I've grown homesick for the place.’
    • ‘And then all too soon, you come home and get homesick for the other place that suddenly seems more like home.’
    • ‘I felt homesick for a while, but then, after about four or five days, I started to love it.’
    • ‘But one of her children is dreadfully homesick and frequently upset.’
    • ‘Right now I live in a place where there aren't many Native people and I am homesick.’
    • ‘However, there were one and two who were a bit homesick for their old schools, but after a few weeks no doubt they will feel completely at home.’
    • ‘Mother became homesick for her family and Dad arranged for her to take me and go to England for a visit in 1915.’
    • ‘I guess days like this make me a little homesick, especially for Amber.’
    • ‘My mother didn't want me to go and of course I was homesick, but I was doing what I always wanted to do - playing football.’
    • ‘I'm not homesick, exactly, although I do miss our little house and the space and privacy it provided.’
    • ‘This isn't to say that I'm homesick or anything (though I probably am, let's be honest).’
    • ‘It's all made me dreadfully homesick for Costa Rica, and for all my friends.’
    • ‘Mike's been fortunate enough to head home about three times a year, but he's never really found himself homesick.’
    • ‘My first night there I, like many campers, missed my parents and became homesick.’
    wistful, evocative, longing for the past, pining for the past, yearning for the past, romantic, sentimental, emotional about the past, regretful, dewy-eyed, maudlin, homesick
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