Definition of homeothermal in US English:


(also homoiothermal)


  • See homeotherm

    • ‘However, there is little evidence to show whether melanocytes in homeothermal vertebrates respond to visible light or not.’
    • ‘When this happens, I'm told, the homeothermal regulatory mechanisms are so overwhelmed that they are no longer able to cope with the effects of the sun on our unpredictable sack of bones.’
    • ‘Like all mammals, the cat is homeothermal, able to maintain its internal organs at a constant temperature (between 38 and 38.5°C).’
    • ‘Because of this function, it is considered to be an important factor that determines the efficiency of energy metabolism in homeothermal animals.’
    • ‘The increase in the metabolic rate elicited in homoiothermal animals by exposure to cold is attributed by many investigators exclusively to striated muscle.’