Definition of home video in US English:

home video


  • A film on videotape for viewing at home.

    • ‘Nothing's confirmed yet, but the film will probably be released on home video next year.’
    • ‘One wonders, with such a star laden cast, how the film so quickly made its way to home video?’
    • ‘Movie channels and home videos have greatly increased children's access to films.’
    • ‘If you know the film only from home video, it's more than worth the money to see it on a big screen.’
    • ‘Virtually, an industry on its own, it has gone beyond TV to movie screens, home videos, DVDs, and computer games.’
    • ‘Many of the clips you've seen on tonight's show are available on home video.’
    • ‘This means that users can now easily access and lend their documents, music, photos, home videos and more.’
    • ‘Once it was released for home video I bought a copy and must have shown it to over a dozen friends over the years.’
    • ‘Since the first home video was such a hit here are more for your viewing pleasure.’
    • ‘Certainly it is the best the film has ever looked on home video, which is the least we would expect.’
    • ‘It could be that home videos and DVDs will someday allow movies to ignore the mass market altogether and bypass onerous distribution arrangements; maybe such films will, like books, acquire the integrity of a solitary art.’
    • ‘To its desktop computers and notebooks it has added a new device, which can send digital music, photos or home videos wirelessly from a personal computer to other components elsewhere in the house.’
    • ‘This film has had such a huge success, especially in home video and cable, that few action fans have not seen this movie.’
    • ‘Video recorders dropped in price radically when the adult film industry switched from theaters to home video.’
    • ‘They have announced that they will be releasing the film on home video and DVD May 25th.’
    • ‘And then we're able to see it all the way through to the phase of the release of the film, as well as the release of it on the home video.’
    • ‘Apparently, some legal problem has kept it off TV and home video for decades but no longer.’
    • ‘Just having the film on home video again is good enough in this case, though.’
    • ‘My friends and I first discovered this film on home video, and it soon became one of our favorites.’