Definition of home theater in US English:

home theater


North American
  • An entertainment setup consisting of television and video equipment designed to reproduce at home the experience of being in a movie theater.

    British term "home cinema"
    • ‘Consider the technology of the plasma TV and you'll understand why this is such a great choice for the home theater.’
    • ‘Despite such quibbles, the remote is a welcome addition to a home theater.’
    • ‘An entertainment system with surround sound can transform this room into a home theater.’
    • ‘Most visitors to the room don't have any idea that it can transform into a serviceable home theater in the time it takes to roll down the screen.’
    • ‘As you can probably expect, this isn't a title you'll be using to show off your home theater's video and audio prowess.’
    • ‘A home theater is a combination of video and audio components that achieves a theaterlike experience.’
    • ‘I can imagine those close-ups might indeed look like that when seen on the large screen, but they work much better in a home theater.’
    • ‘You want it to be a home theater, you want it to be a DVD player, then that's what it will be.’
    • ‘Today, any American making a reasonable income can have a home theater.’
    • ‘Anybody can have a home theater or take a DVD with them on a plane or even in the car.’
    • ‘It joins a handful of similar apps out there to turn your PC into a home theater, but is the only one that came from the gaming world.’
    • ‘The initial line up is supposedly a portable DVD player, two LCD televisions, and a home theater in a box system.’
    • ‘You want your home theater now, but don't want to spend the money.’


home theater