Definition of home sweet home in US English:

home sweet home


  • Used as an expression of one's pleasure or relief at being in or returning to one's own home.

    • ‘No one has ever been so concise, or so consistent, about why America remains our home sweet home.’
    • ‘‘Here it is, home sweet home,’ he announced, proudly.’
    • ‘‘Ah home sweet home,’ Eric said as the car finally stopped outside his large mansion in a wealthy suburb of Berlin.’
    • ‘Just try telling them you don't want to leave home sweet home.’
    • ‘Aaah, I thought with a serene smile of recognition, home sweet home.’
    • ‘When Adrian dug the keys out of his jean pocket, he pushed them into the keyhole and opened the door to the brick-red apartment, home sweet home.’
    • ‘It had been home for the past couple of months, and it was the first time Tanya could say home sweet home, and mean it.’
    • ‘Lunar eclipses are an entirely different prospect: a good fraction can be seen without leaving home sweet home.’
    • ‘After 30 minutes, the weather cleared enough for us to hop over to NS Mayport - home sweet home.’
    • ‘By this stage, my nails were bitten, and I was even happy to see this shiny white bus arrive to whisk me off to home sweet home.’