Definition of home shopping in US English:

home shopping


  • Shopping carried out from one's own home by ordering goods advertised on the Internet, in a catalog, or on a television channel.

    • ‘The goal is to have all 380 million households in China on digital technology by 2015, providing sharper pictures and access to interactive services such as home shopping.’
    • ‘ITV would offer such services as home shopping, banking and games, thus opening huge new areas of revenue growth for the cable industry.’
    • ‘Other changes, like home shopping and the internet, had created a new breed of consumer who was ‘more choosy and more savvy’ and happy to shop in different ways.’
    • ‘GUS, formerly Great Universal Stores, is almost synonymous with home shopping.’
    • ‘We have a 50-year history of excellence in providing the best home shopping to clients who expect superior quality at the most affordable prices.’
    • ‘Home shopping is day by day becoming very popular with the upper and a significant section of middle strata of the society.’
    • ‘Is offering home shopping going to persuade a supermarket's customers to spend more?’
    • ‘Also included are issues as varied as whether the commission should consider competition for non-food sales as well as groceries, Internet home shopping and the price of petrol in its inquiry.’
    • ‘The technology also allows for data transmission and the simultaneous broadcast of multiple channels, enabling interactive services such as pay-per-view movies, home shopping and stock trading.’
    • ‘Customers are coming back to home shopping because they are able to find exclusive products with good prices.’
    • ‘Does have all the answers when it comes to home shopping?’
    • ‘Benefits would come from increased online home shopping, and e-service replacements for traditional phone and health services.’
    • ‘This weekend promises to be a very busy one, not only for those involved in arts and culture, but also for those interested in doing a bit of home shopping or spending on interior decoration.’
    • ‘Of course, home shopping is just a small part of our overall business, accounting for only a fifth of group sales.’
    • ‘Retailing takes many forms, whether it is the traditional bricks and mortar store, catalog shopping, television home shopping, or the Internet.’
    • ‘Cultural institutions and retailers have to be able to compete with home shopping and with home learning.’
    • ‘It said today that areas of opportunities are emerging and anticipates further investments in high-growth areas such as home shopping.’
    • ‘A visual form of hypertext mark-up language is being developed for chemists but will see applications in home shopping.’


home shopping

/hoʊm ˈʃɑpɪŋ/