Definition of home page in English:

home page


  • 1The introductory page of a website, typically serving as a table of contents for the site.

    • ‘The home page is usually the web page that contains all the initial navigation to your web site.’
    • ‘In a very real sense, home pages are portals that can lead customers on a journey of discovery through an e-business's products and services or drop them into a nightmarish abyss of frustration.’
    • ‘Users will often enter your site from a search engine listing with a link other than your home page.’
    • ‘It it sometimes assumed that Unicode is a popular encoding ‘behind the scenes’ but rarely used on the home pages of major corporate Web sites.’
    • ‘Websites or home pages may be accessed with the aid of a browser program.’
    • ‘The site is clean, not overloaded with distractions, and it doesn't look like a dating site, which is a nice change from the generic excuses for home pages on most dating sites.’
    • ‘The home page of the club website gives you a chance to find out more about the club's functions and its history.’
    • ‘Children will be invited through their schools to design home pages on citizenship-related issues, such as criminal justice, religion and the environment.’
    • ‘There's plenty of interactivity, with message boards, chat rooms, individual home pages and regular polls.’
    • ‘Its home page simply features a company logo, and access to the rest of the site is password-protected.’
    • ‘Although its ambitions for e-government far outstrip its achievements, a number of departments and bureaucracies have established home pages or put databases and archives on the Web.’
    • ‘Outside of a few graduate students and an even smaller number of faculty, researchers in the area do not maintain weblogs or even home pages where their work can be easily accessed.’
    • ‘While much of the content on the older site remains, including search, the focus is now more on personal publishing with blogs and home pages, along with searching for people and groups.’
    • ‘First off, it is vital that your home page explains in detail the purpose of your website.’
    • ‘The home page incorporates a Google search box, and a news headline feed.’
    • ‘The posters feel compelled to link not only to the item of interest, but ALSO to the home page of the web site.’
    • ‘To test how accountable our international statesmen are in this electronic age, the Standard looked up their email addresses and home pages on the internet.’
    • ‘Within an hour my email was published on the site with a link to it from the home page of the website… wow.’
    • ‘A year earlier the home pages of the FTSE's top 100 companies were savaged for being ‘woefully inadequate’.’
    • ‘Already, most major companies have developed their own home pages on the World Wide Web where the company can offer information about its goods and services.’
  • 2A web page set as the default or start-up page on a browser.

    ‘I love his site and it's been my home page for years’
    • ‘The home page of the browser comes with three tabs: Speed Dial, Stash, and Discover.’
    • ‘The way this promotional strategy works is by turning the default homepage of a web browser into your blog homepage or recent posts page.’
    • ‘The default home page features a few preselected bookmarks to Facebook, GoodReads, Food Network and a few reference sites.’
    • ‘If an installer changed your browser's home page and default search engine, you'll have to change those back manually.’
    • ‘Within the Settings menu, you can tweak several browser defaults including the home page, pop-up blocking, image loading, auto-fit of pages, and enabling Javascript.’
    • ‘When I open my browser home page it shows several subject topics.’
    • ‘It is a great way to set up your home page with portals to all the stuff you want to check every day.’
    • ‘Though I don't have a home page set, the first page in my daily rounds is always the Astronomy Picture of the Day.’
    • ‘You could do just the same walking around the city during a week day to see the effects of wireless internet and how even the default home page refuses to load many times.’
    • ‘For instance when you try to install the software, this app also installs its toolbar replacing your current browser and home page.’
    • ‘Now it's coming to BBC Scotland and I find I'm going to have to change my default home page again.’
    • ‘This will be set as the default home page on your browser, replacing what you have set up.’
    • ‘Changing the default home page or search provider are safer bets than installing the more intrusive security toolbar.’


home page

/ˈˌhōm ˈˌpāj//ˈˌhoʊm ˈˌpeɪdʒ/