Definition of home movie in US English:

home movie


  • A film made at home or without professional equipment or expertise, especially a movie featuring one's own activities.

    • ‘The home movies are interesting (they always are), yet today's craggy faces pall all too quickly and it's very much an old scene.’
    • ‘Much of his personal history is mysterious, in spite of his frequent use of himself and his family and their history via photos and home movies in his films.’
    • ‘‘You think this is an art house film looking like a home movie,’ he says.’
    • ‘And in the future, when individuals film home movies and want to share them with relatives halfway around the world, Sony plans to be there, too.’
    • ‘All he had was a collection of nicely shot home movies that hardly made a point.’
    • ‘As Aspell says, the film seemed like a surreal home movie re-enacted by Hollywood stars.’
    • ‘This essay is primarily concerned with the recontextualisation and representation of home movies in these films.’
    • ‘Without the Friedmans' home movies, this film couldn't have existed.’
    • ‘Watching a film full of someone else's home movies does not sound particularly enticing.’
    • ‘Micheline Morisset, archivist at the National Archives has persuasively argued for the need to preserve home movies.’
    • ‘These are home movies shot by Chaplin for Lord Mountbatten.’
    • ‘Interviews with Ravel's friends are combined with home movies and stills and some unique and dazzling directorial strategies.’
    • ‘It was part of a trilogy on Russian history, reconstructing the past through newsreel footage and the home movies of the Romanov dynasty who ruled Russia before 1917.’
    • ‘Yet, it is as familiar as the home movies that make up virtually every frame of the film.’
    • ‘I've seen home movies shot with better camera technique and style.’
    • ‘It has its charm, I suppose, but is roughly the equivalent of watching someone else's home movies.’
    • ‘I've seen home movies from when my dad was a kid in the 1940s and '50s that looked better.’
    • ‘Intercut are snatches of a home movie, showing mother and child looking happy.’
    • ‘William speaks fondly of his father, and even gives us a glimpse of his home life via some rare home movies.’
    • ‘Lisa Gossels narrates the film as though she is making a home movie, and ultimately that's what she has accomplished.’


home movie

/ˈˌhōm ˈmo͞ovē/