Definition of home front in US English:

home front


  • The civilian population and activities of a nation whose armed forces are engaged in war abroad.

    • ‘The image captures a personal moment, one that links the soldier with the home front and the wife he left behind.’
    • ‘The main theme is "the relationship between the battle front and the home fronts among the Western Front powers".’
    • ‘Getting the news quickly back to the home front has always been a problem.’
    • ‘The soldiers fight to protect the home front and to protect future terror.’
    • ‘It's up to her to protect the home front and keep house and family together during the dark times ahead.’
    • ‘Even as I said these words, I realized that, our inevitable victory would not be without cost: cost on both the military and home fronts.’
    • ‘There is no better way to connect the front lines to the home front than to provide that prepaid calling card.’
    • ‘During the dark days of World War Two he kept the home front happy with memorable radio plays.’
    • ‘Many critics believed that the living memorial would carry the communal spirit of the home front into peacetime.’
    • ‘Since employment responsibilities were unlikely to ease, administrators turned their attention to the home front.’


home front