Definition of home center in US English:

home center

(British home centre)


  • A large hardware store selling tools, building materials, and other household items.

    ‘tile cutters can be rented at home centers and hardware stores’
    • ‘Aside from play items and siding purchased from a home center, he built the playhouse with materials salvaged from an old restaurant.’
    • ‘For a queen-size headboard, head to the home centre for a basic French door.’
    • ‘It needn't cost more than that last load of stuff you took out of the van when you stopped at the home center to see if anything new had come in.’
    • ‘One problem with home centres is inadequate quality control with installation.’
    • ‘Instead of making him search through the hundreds of paint cards at the home center, show him three or four different blue paint chips.’
    • ‘Cupolas can be special-ordered from home centers, or you can check some out on the Web.’
    • ‘They can be rented reasonably from your local home centre.’
    • ‘Look for snap-together glass frames from art-supply stores, and buy wood veneer sheets at a lumberyard or home center.’
    • ‘All of these fixtures should be available from local lighting stores, electrical supply retailers, or home centres.’
    • ‘Wood buttons (available in the dowel section of home centres) make snappy covers for screw holes.’