Definition of home brew in English:

home brew


  • 1Beer or other alcoholic drink brewed at home.

    ‘I observed the town's bootlegger deliver three bottles of home brew’
    • ‘You can actually take the dregs from a bottle of home brew and use it to start the next batch.’
    • ‘Of course, no home-brew would be complete without a dose of concentrated methanol.’
    • ‘He drinks his own home brew.’
    • ‘Your home brew may not be as strong, for example, as that from a coffee shop chain.’
    • ‘One camp was completely wiped out by their united forces after they had made the Defence Force drunk with home brew.’
    • ‘No week was complete without a range of samples of local home brew being brought in for Dad to taste.’
    • ‘A recent study found that the optimum intake might be a lot lower than we generally believe, so Albert's intake should be limited to an occasional glass of home-brew.’
    • ‘A few bought as much as 100 pounds of sugar, probably for making a home brew, not necessarily on doctor's orders.’
    • ‘Both claim their home brew is better than their neighbour's effort.’
    • ‘I'm not really a fan of Real Ale, but my friend is well into it all, having during our formative years produced some absolutely legendary home brew.’
    • ‘His hobbies include paintball, gaming and making the best home brew in Colorado.’
    • ‘Police confirmed that the alcohol confiscated, from children between 14 and 16-years-old, was mostly spirits and included rum, home brew, lager and whisky.’
    • ‘We drank from Wednesday night to Friday morning, then bought raisins and sugar from the trading post to make home brew for the following week.’
    • ‘It's very alcoholic, closer to the strength of a good sherry than an innocuous home brew.’
    • ‘You could always try that home brew you made last semester.’
    • ‘There's always someone that brings the home brew on the bus…’
    • ‘The drink I'm talking of was the home brew of a friend's father.’
    • ‘Usually drink my own home brew, but bottles don't take to all that banging around.’
    • ‘Over many a pint of home-brew, he has told Anna and me stories about life at sea.’
    1. 1.1US informal as modifier Made at home, rather than in a store or factory.
      ‘home-brew software’
      • ‘The home-brew robots battling it out on TV inspired Michael to open a for-profit robot club of his very own.’
      • ‘By scrounging parts, we eventually created home-brew equipment that would do the job.’
      • ‘In most home-brew cars, the charger is a separate box located under the hood, or could even be a free-standing unit that is separate from the car.’
      • ‘Professionally made category 5e or 6 cables are preferable to home-brew cables.’
      • ‘It may seem in the spirit of home brew computing or radio hams, but it adds another interesting dimension to the growth of hotspots.’
      • ‘The graphics are decidedly lackluster and have an aura of a home brew game.’
      • ‘In the spirit of the first Catalogs, this is a home-brew self-published deal.’
      • ‘If I were running a political campaign of any size, I would be asking my candidate's supporters to send in their best ideas and home-brew advertisements.’
      • ‘But what about off-label use of an assay or use of a home brew?’
      • ‘The most popular of these remotes and by far the easiest to configure is the home-brew serial receiver which you build yourself using a schematic off the internet.’
      • ‘Most home-brew electric cars using DC motors use the reverse gear built into the manual transmission.’


home brew

/ˈˌhoʊm ˈbru//ˈˌhōm ˈbro͞o/