Definition of home base in US English:

home base


  • 1A place from which operations or activities are carried out; headquarters.

    • ‘Both squadrons are disbanding on Friday at their home base of Valkenburg, the Netherlands, and their final overseas visit was to Wales.’
    • ‘Although insurgent groups usually operate near their home bases, they sometimes conduct raids.’
    • ‘One of the problems is the fact the enemy has no home base, so conventional approaches are limited.’
    • ‘Many of its facilities, including its satellite systems, temporary shelters and other infrastructure, are not suited to being dismantled and carried back to their home bases.’
    • ‘Ten to 20,000 U.S. troops could be at their home bases in the U.S., Europe and the Pacific on a stand-by status, ready to go if needed.’
    • ‘The Royal Navy's newest ship, amphibious assault ship HMS Bulwark, has been commissioned into the Fleet at a ceremony in her home base of Devonport.’
    • ‘Another characteristic of space missions is that robots have to operate far away from their home base.’
    • ‘Our forces will have to travel to the crisis, operate and be sustained at considerable distances from their home bases.’
    • ‘From the starting point to home base, teams were required to carry with them whatever equipment they chose to take.’
    • ‘We're stopping the militants from gaining control of any nation, which they would use as a home base and a launching pad for terror.’
    • ‘The ship returned to her home base of Portsmouth earlier this year after undergoing a £64 million refit at Rosyth in Scotland.’
    • ‘The submarine was expected to operate from its home base at the Kola Peninsula for 5-7 more years.’
    • ‘But Sergeant Shelton had a very different kind of challenge to face when he returned to his home base.’
    • ‘But these crews never see their families, and there is no home base.’
    • ‘New York was the home base of choice for the super-rich, with 31 of them living there.’
    • ‘Chicago has been home base for most of my professional life.’
    • ‘This high-powered fund-raiser is conducting her inaugural business from home base.’
    • ‘We have four urban search and rescue teams in the state and we have two more urban search and rescue teams on alert in their home base.’
    • ‘The level of communications afforded is the same as if the task force was operating from its home base.’
    • ‘Aircrew and ground crew each gained valuable experience by operating away from home base.’
    1. 1.1 The objective toward which players progress in certain games.
      • ‘There used to be lines in the middle designating a sort of home base, like in the childhood game of tag.’
      • ‘The best was landing on someone and sending them back home right when they had their fourth guy in front of home base.’
      • ‘She hit the ball and brought 2 other players in her team back to home base as well as herself.’
      • ‘‘But my hunch is that in this game this time first base is closer to home base than it may appear’.’


home base