Definition of Holy Writ in US English:

Holy Writ


  • 1The Bible.

    • ‘This, surely, was one of Luther's greatest contributions, that of the democracy of the word: he translated the Bible into German, giving his humbler countrymen not only the chance to read Holy Writ, but also the tools of thought.’
    • ‘It has been a sign of heresy to reject or ignore any part or portion of Holy Writ.’
    • ‘Only those entering holy orders were allowed to study theology and delve into Holy Writ.’
    • ‘It recognizes the Ten Commandments as eternal law and the Old Testament as Holy Writ.’
    • ‘Knox's translation of the Bible was intended to be his gift to the church, a testament to the English tongue that would make Holy Writ live for his countrymen.’
    • ‘The letter to the duchess leaves no doubt about where Galileo stood on the literal word of the Holy Writ.’
    • ‘The hope was to achieve an ‘open’ translation which would allow the faithful layperson immediate access to Holy Writ, free from clerical control.’
    • ‘It is a Sin to question the Letter of Holy Writ, to even suggest that there may be error, misinterpretation or inconsistency.’
    • ‘I'm afraid Goren is from an older family than even I; he takes the prose of the Holy Writ word for word.’
    • ‘The ultimate authority, of course, was the Holy Writ.’
    the scriptures, the holy scriptures, the good book, the book of books
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    1. 1.1 Writings or sayings of unchallenged authority.
      ‘research findings and conclusions are guidelines, not holy writ’
      • ‘The theory of evolution is now being treated like Holy Writ.’
      • ‘But just because ‘experts’ have told us that non-hugging mothers are bad, should this be accepted as Holy Writ?’
      • ‘His budget is not carved in stone; it is not Holy Writ, and it can be changed.’
      • ‘He had read the diet book and, as is his custom, was preaching it as Holy Writ to anyone who was either A) willing to listen or B) too polite to flee.’
      • ‘Contrary to practice, this magistrate had refused to treat police statements as Holy Writ, therefore indisputable.’
      • ‘And the media should stop treating clever but flawed scholarship as if it were Holy Writ, especially if an academic argument seems to question the patriotism of good people.’


Holy Writ

/ˈˌhoʊli ˈrɪt//ˈˌhōlē ˈrit/