Definition of holy place in English:

holy place


  • 1A place revered as holy, typically one to which religious pilgrimage is made.

    • ‘I went to the holy places there in Shiraz and Teheran and all that.’
    • ‘Colm hopes to lead a pilgrimage to this holy place in June and, if there is enough interest, he would love to organise a Youth Pilgrimage there in July.’
    • ‘Every religion engages pilgrimage to holy places.’
    • ‘Only eight weeks to go to the Annual Pilgrimage to this holy place.’
    • ‘This is slightly misleading, since elements of both faiths have become intermingled in Nepal, and respect is generally shown to Buddhist shrines as well as Hindu holy places.’
    • ‘Israel provides freedom of access to all religious shrines and entrusts the administration of the holy places to their respective religious authorities.’
    • ‘By doing this they will ensure that the sacredness and sanctity of these holy places is preserved and respected.’
    • ‘The thousands of rituals and millions of shrines, temples, and other holy places of many faiths defy categorization here.’
    • ‘Over the centuries, billions of Hindus have traveled to the holy places in India.’
    • ‘It is, therefore, obligatory on every Muslim to respect and revere these holy places.’
    • ‘I want my film to bring about a change in the outlook of people on religion and holy places.’
    • ‘The 1949 Act ensured that this important site was once again given full recognition as a Buddhist holy place.’
    • ‘Finally, Mecca was also a holy place for Hindus.’
    • ‘Every religion, as a matter of doctrine or custom, engages in the practice of pilgrimage to holy places.’
    • ‘Some of you will become more religious and visit holy places.’
    • ‘Pilgrimages to shrines and holy places at home and abroad attract tens of thousands of people each year.’
    • ‘In the country where I'm travelling, Tibet, people believe if they walk long distances to holy places, it purifies the bad deeds they commit.’
    • ‘There is also the Feast of the Sacrifice, which coincides with the annual pilgrimage to the holy places of Mecca and Medina.’
    • ‘Interestingly, and not without relevance for present conflicts in the Middle East, Jerusalem is a holy place for Muslims because it was from there that Mohammed was translated heavenwards.’
    • ‘By journeying to a holy place, pilgrims hope to absorb some of the atmosphere and holiness that is attached to a place because of the persons and events associated with it.’
    temple, church, chapel, tabernacle, altar, sanctuary, sanctum
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    1. 1.1historical The outer chamber of the sanctuary in the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.
      • ‘The Veil marked a point of separation, the holy of holies from the holy place, it also separated the high priest from all the other common priests.’
      • ‘I realized I was probably the first Jew to enter this holy place in over 50 years.’
      temple, shrine, tabernacle, altar, sanctum, inner sanctum, holy of holies, sacrarium, bema, naos, adytum
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