Definition of holy of holies in English:

holy of holies


  • 1The inner chamber of the sanctuary in the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, separated by a veil from the outer chamber. It was reserved for the presence of God and could be entered only by the High Priest on the Day of Atonement.

    • ‘Pompey when he rode in to Jerusalem was curious enough to look in the holy of holies, the most sacred part of Gods temple.’
    • ‘What did we read about when we read from the Torah and the prophets on that holy of holies of Jewish time?’
    • ‘When the temple curtain is torn, God is no longer confined to the holy of holies.’
    • ‘After the priests had established the ark of the covenant in the holy of holies, a cloud filled the Temple, and the glory of God's presence was so powerful that the priests were overwhelmed.’
    • ‘He went into the temple and ate the bread in the holy of holies, that no person is to touch.’
    holy place, temple, shrine, tabernacle, altar, sanctum, inner sanctum, sacrarium, bema, naos, adytum
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    1. 1.1 A place regarded as most sacred or special.
      ‘she had done the wrong thing, venturing into this holy of holies’
      • ‘She stood for five days in endless queues before managing to enter the holy of holies - the Department of Welfare offices in Deals House.’
      • ‘I still cannot get my head round the idea that golf's holy of holies is situated just off a busy dual carriageway.’
      • ‘So this is the holy of holies, where only the coach and the players come.’
      • ‘The queen is still going to stay up in Windsor Castle and preside over the party that she's giving for Prince Charles, and she'll also be attending the service of blessing in St. George's Chapel, which is the royal holy of holies.’
      • ‘His paintings should have found a place in the holy of holies of the collection.’
      • ‘For Holmes and Greene, this was an awe-inspiring event - a visit to the holy of holies, the inner sanctum, the behind-the-scenes epicenter of New England mineral collecting.’
      • ‘Do you have your sacred space, where you build your stuff, your holy of holies?’
      • ‘There, on the most holy of holies, the third floor.’
      • ‘In the open, in front of this unlikely holy of holies, are a few rows of hard wooden benches, from which time has long since eroded the protection of varnish.’


holy of holies

/ˌhoʊli əv ˈhoʊliz//ˌhōlē əv ˈhōlēz/