Definition of holograph in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhäləˌɡraf//ˈhōləˌɡraf/


  • A manuscript handwritten by the person named as its author.

    [as modifier] ‘a holograph letter by Abraham Lincoln’
    • ‘It published the last poem he wrote before his death as a holograph in his italic script.’
    • ‘Others are clearly the holographs of literate people.’
    • ‘The master had forged - and sold handsomely - holograph letters from Aeschylus to Pythagoras and Alexander to Aristotle, among many others.’
    • ‘Another good example of how 8 has been commonly misinterpreted is found in the holograph journal of Father Jacques Marquette.’


Early 17th century: from French holographe, or via late Latin from Greek holographos, from holos whole + -graphos written, writing.