Definition of holo in US English:



  • A hologram.

    • ‘Even in the low-resolution holo, there was no mistaking those eyes.’
    • ‘The girl, the pretty one, from the holo, she's here.’
    • ‘‘Second Lieutenant Amanda,’ Munroe said, gesturing to the holo of a young woman with cinnamon skin and ebony hair.’
    • ‘He walked to the front of the room, where a holo of the area they would be striking was slowly rotating.’
    • ‘The figure pressed a button on his desk and a holo appeared of a man in a long white coat.’
    • ‘Alan stood, stepping forward to get a better look at the holo.’
    • ‘‘Those,’ said Lankare, pointing to the holo, still visible at the moment.’
    • ‘She started laughing when the holo turned off.’
    • ‘She looked just like the holos I obsessed on when I was a child; tall, beautiful, obviously possessing great physical strength.’
    • ‘Feel free to move around and examine the holo from whatever angle you choose.’
    • ‘‘A little low-tech, I know,’ he said, ‘But we weren't able to get holos of the site.’’