Definition of holm oak in US English:

holm oak


  • An evergreen southern European oak, with dark green glossy leaves.

    Quercus ilex, family Fagaceae

    Also called evergreen oak or ilex
    • ‘But the Agriculture Department has since confirmed infections in a beech, a horse chestnut and a holm oak in a Cornish garden.’
    • ‘I'm currently sitting in Priory Park, on the banks of the city's defences in the shade of a beautiful holm oak so that I can see my laptop's screen on such a bright day.’
    • ‘The gardens which surround the property include beech, lime and holm oak trees while in the eastern corner is an ancient churchyard.’
    • ‘Interspersed with the rocky scrub and holm oaks were olive groves and water-starved vines, their leaves limp, their fruit plump.’
    • ‘Every day at the festival there are performances staged beneath the shade of a giant holm oak in the courtyard garden of a 19th century palace.’


Late Middle English: holm, alteration of dialect hollin, from Old English holen ‘holly’.


holm oak

/ˈhōm ˌōk//ˈhoʊm ˌoʊk/