Definition of Hollander in US English:



  • A native of the Netherlands.

    • ‘A large crowd of the Hollanders had gathered outside and many were cheering and waving, others watched with blank stares, and some had tears streaming down their face.’
    • ‘It was built in 1897 and designed by President Paul Kruger's architect, Sytze Wierda, a Hollander, and was at one time the tallest building in town.’
    • ‘Who now should henceforth dare to say that one Spanish fighting-man was equal to five or ten Hollanders?’
    • ‘There have been five Hollanders to play in the NBA: Hank Beenders, Geert Hammink, Rik Smits, Swen Nater, and Serge Zwikker.’
    • ‘Gulliver comes aboard with several men, and decides to speak Dutch, so that he may enter Japan, for Hollanders are the only Europeans permitted to enter the Eastern island.’