Definition of Holi in US English:



  • A Hindu spring festival celebrated in February or March in honor of Krishna.

    • ‘Bengali Hindus observe Holi, Divali, and other important religious festivals.’
    • ‘Traditionally Holi has been celebrated by playing with colours made from spring flowers.’
    • ‘This year too, the Holi was celebrated in the city, with the usual splashing of coloured powder and water on one another and, of course, the customary distribution of sweets.’
    • ‘Surely Holi is the festival that induces people to shed inhibitions and make merry.’
    • ‘On Holi, people throw colorful liquids at each other - from rooftops, or with squirt guns and balloons filled with colored water.’
    • ‘The day before the camp ended, all had a blast covering each other with colored water during the Holi festival.’
    • ‘The festival of Holi heralds the advent of spring and a new world of colour and gaiety.’
    • ‘Holi, the Hindu spring festival, is here once again and there are a number of activities planned for its observance.’
    • ‘Holi is the Indian festival of colours, which is celebrated in the month of March.’
    • ‘There was spring in the air and festivities all around, since the country was celebrating Holi.’
    • ‘The Raj was a scene of a get together of family and friends to celebrate the Indian Holi festival last week.’
    • ‘Year seven students embarked on the project, inspired by the Hindu festival of Holi, to learn more about the Hindu culture and its celebrations.’
    • ‘Years back, the colors used for Holi were derived from plants.’
    • ‘Diwali, the festival of light in November is very nice and in March we'll have Holi, which marks the beginning of spring in India.’
    • ‘For Hindu Bangladeshis, important holidays are Diwali, the festival of lights celebrating the return home of the lord Rama, and Holi, the festival of colors that welcomes the return of spring.’
    • ‘After all, it is time for the country's most vibrant festival, Holi.’
    • ‘This is a festival of martial arts that follows the Hindu festival of Holi.’
    • ‘And according to the organisers of the Holi festival, the celebration did live up to its promise of being a true wholesome entertainment for children, youngsters and adults.’
    • ‘Though small in number, the North Indian community members in Kochi did celebrate Holi on Friday with a splurge of colours, breathing an atmosphere of social merriment.’
    • ‘The reason for all the good-natured paint throwing was that on the night before Holi, Hindus normally light fires to rid the air of evil spirits and the morning after, cover themselves in brightly-coloured powders.’


Via Hindi from Sanskrit holī.