Definition of hole saw in US English:

hole saw


  • A tool for making circular holes, consisting of a metal cylinder with a toothed edge.

    • ‘Cut the appropriate size holes in the panel as traced in Step 2 using a hole saw bit in an electric drill.’
    • ‘Other useful attachments include hole saw blades, spade bits, buffing disks and depth stops, screw driving bits, sanding disks, or even a power grinder.’
    • ‘The lock manufacturer will specify the size of the hole saw.’
    • ‘Drill a starter hole using a hole saw.’
    • ‘Drilling can be done with many of the same tools you use for drilling wood or metal, including twist drills, brad point drill bits, spade bits or a hole saw with a pilot bit.’
    • ‘To drill counter-mounted faucet holes, use an electric drill and an appropriately sized hole saw or spade bit.’
    • ‘Remove the hole saw and start drilling again from the other side of the door.’
    • ‘To create a clean, splinter-free hole, always drill from both sides of the door with your hole saw.’
    • ‘To make the holes, he uses a drill with a hole saw bit (an attachment for cutting a door to install the doorknob).’
    • ‘My old man also has a 27 mm metal hole saw someplace, which will prove much easier for cutting holes than using a jigsaw.’
    • ‘Use a hole saw and electric hand drill to make the holes in the center of the wheels for the axle to run through.’