Definition of hole card in US English:

hole card


  • 1(in stud or other forms of poker) a card that has been dealt face down.

    • ‘This time I looked at my hole cards.’
    • ‘Expert analysis, varying camera angles - including close-ups of the players' hole cards - bring viewers into the action like no other televised poker in history.’
    • ‘This is done to avoid dealers warping the cards as well as to prevent players at first base from reading the hole card.’
    • ‘Shielding my hole cards, I looked down on a pair of queen.’
    • ‘His hole cards were a pair of ‘rags’ (low cards), and they weren't even rags of the same suit.’
    • ‘Best of all, viewers will get close-ups of the players' hands and sneak peeks of the hole cards, creating a new element of high-stakes, high-anxiety excitement.’
    • ‘It's not necessary to explain how it was done because the casinos no longer peek manually at the hole card and have learned to shuffle better to avoid players cutting large cards to the front.’
    • ‘My opponent reviewed my board with concern, peeked briefly at his hole cards and called.’
    • ‘Final bets, as each player tries to build the best possible hand, using any combination of his two hole cards and the community cards.’
    • ‘Some players will take another look at their hole cards when, for example, the board is showing a potential 3 card flush draw.’
    • ‘Next, a third hole card is dealt to each player, followed by another round of betting.’
    • ‘The early surrender rule allows the player to throw in the hand before the dealer checks the hole card for a Blackjack.’
    • ‘If he were to say ‘6 of diamonds ‘and this card is not a hole card nor in anyone's hand, nothing happens.’’
    • ‘On the other hand, think about players sitting on 16s or below against six, figuring the dealer for a bust, then losing when the hole card turns out to be an ace for a total of 17.’
    • ‘By adding the hole card camera, poker is now exciting television.’
    • ‘In it there is an option to exchange your two hole cards for two new ones.’
    • ‘Only the hole cards have been dealt so far - and the flop is sure to bring some big surprises.’
    • ‘When you peek at your two hole cards, if they're not both pretty big, it's very unlikely you belong in the pot.’
    • ‘The dealer's hole card was an ominous 3.’
    • ‘Oh, and he had a nice habit of being dealt an ace as one of his two hole cards at least 50% of the time, although this does often cause as many problems as it solves.’
    1. 1.1North American A thing that is kept secret until it can be used to one's own advantage.
      • ‘In Beijing they appeared to turn their hole card over.’
      • ‘That said, today is one of those days when I think the administration could be husbanding its hole cards a little better.’
      • ‘He's my hole card, ‘Sam said enthusiastically.’’
      • ‘‘Home equity is your hole card,’ says Phillip, a financial planner.’
      • ‘I've been waiting for the right time to use my hole card when it comes to the calls for raising the Corporate Average Fuel Economy in lieu of allowing oil exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.’