Definition of hole-and-corner in English:



  • Attempting to avoid public notice; secret.

    ‘a hole-and-corner wedding’
    • ‘These committees merely mean avoiding discussion and a hole-and-corner method of getting amendments through that might not be at all welcome to the country or to the House at large.’
    • ‘To talk to a foreigner is no longer a sign of political unreliability, and conversations do not have to be carried out in a hole-and-corner fashion, behind walls, with one nervous eye open for spies and eavesdroppers.’
    • ‘Unless the districts were considerable they were always more or less a kind of hole-and-corner government.’
    • ‘Instead, they indulged in their usual hole-and-corner and devious manoeuvres.’
    secret, secretive, in secret, private, clandestine
    underhand, surreptitious, covert, furtive, devious, stealthy, sneaky, backstairs, closet, undercover, hugger-mugger, cloak-and-dagger, behind-the-scenes, under-the-table, under-the-counter
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/ˌhōl ən ˈkôrnər/