Definition of holdup in US English:



  • 1A situation that causes delay, especially to a journey.

    • ‘Lengthy traffic jams and hold-ups are now a daily norm with an estimated 700 plus vehicles being carried on this roadway at evening peak time.’
    • ‘If someone already has half a day to spare to make this journey, they are not going to be so worried at losing the time they already build into their journeys to account for the delays and hold-ups they expect to encounter.’
    • ‘His concern continues to be the hold-up in the rebuilding of the hospital.’
    • ‘It is likely that there will still be some hold-ups and bottlenecks until problems presented by the next stretch of the route have been tackled to enable traffic to flow smoothly from the Aire Valley into Bradford and on to the motorway.’
    • ‘But a lengthy hold-up over the signing of contracts could stall the launch until summer 2005, meaning it will not now be open for the money-spinning Christmas period.’
    • ‘But he insisted the Government was not dragging its feet and blamed legal complexities for hold-ups.’
    • ‘Traffic hold-ups reached a peak on Thursday when Cumbria police dispatched officers after receiving calls reporting ‘complete gridlock’.’
    • ‘According to a council spokesman the delays stretched throughout the one-way system, with particularly bad hold-ups in Buckhold Road.’
    • ‘Traffic hold-ups at railway level crossings will considerably increase with more trains, the traffic study has found.’
    • ‘They said the hold-up was due to delays in calculating departmental budgets.’
    • ‘Frustrating hold-ups and delays during construction have been managed well by the family and surprisingly have not pushed building costs hugely over budget.’
    • ‘But a number of those schemes are being delayed by hold-ups in the approval process.’
    • ‘Diversions around the maintenance work caused weekend traffic hold-ups.’
    • ‘The A64 hold-ups delay deliveries and meetings.’
    • ‘The latest delay was caused by hold-ups in the consultation process.’
    • ‘The hold-up at the Ballymote Road with the use of emergency traffic lights is still an issue, much to the irritation of the motoring public and residents of that road.’
    • ‘The only hold-up we encountered was waiting quite a while to get drawings through from the architects.’
    • ‘But the little hold-up might have something to do with the money needed for the project.’
    • ‘Among other problems they cause serious hold-ups for the emergency services.’
    • ‘The A19 northbound remained closed for more than seven hours, with diversions in place, but North Yorkshire police reported no additional hold-ups or congestion as a result.’
    delay, setback, hitch, snag, difficulty, problem, issue, trouble, wait, waiting period, stoppage
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  • 2A robbery conducted with the use of threats or violence.

    ‘three dead in armored car holdup’
    • ‘In this exploration of armed hold-ups, convicted armed robbers speak candidly about how they conduct their crimes and about the terror that they deliberately create.’
    • ‘We speak with victims of armed robbery about coping with the physical and mental aftermath of a hold-up; their role in criminal investigations, and getting access to crimes compensation.’
    • ‘The newly-released quarterly figures highlighted a dramatic turnaround in the force's performance in tackling muggings and other violent hold-ups.’
    • ‘It was not known whether there is a link between the raid and the armed hold-ups.’
    • ‘If you track the armed hold-ups that we've seen in our industry for the last few years, there are some very clear signs of risk factors that the banks should be taking more note of and should be dealing with on a proactive basis.’
    • ‘A robber who stole almost $15,000 in an armed hold-up of a Tasmanian bank had been inspired by a movie he had watched with a girlfriend the night before.’
    • ‘Many burglaries, hold-ups and car thefts are also never properly investigated.’
    • ‘Since that traumatic ordeal, he and his mother have been subjected to two hold-ups at their home, the last occasion, the criminal was holding a knife to my godson's neck.’
    • ‘During questioning the two men denied any involvement in the hold-ups but yesterday they finally admitted the offences.’
    • ‘The two men turned out to be members of a vicious gang of four armed robbers who were responsible for eight separate shootings and 20 hold-ups throughout West Yorkshire.’
    • ‘According to the French Banking Federation, bank robberies have been increasing and there are about five bank-related hold-ups a day in France.’
    • ‘The rate of violent crime is alarmingly high: in 2004 over 2000 murders were committed as well as countless vehicle hold-ups carried out at gun point.’
    • ‘Police have not ruled out a connection between these two raids and a hold-up at a post office last Monday.’
    • ‘The four men, two of whom were armed, entered the building and announced a hold-up at around 10.30 pm, when the store was about to close, police said.’
    • ‘She said a ‘real spate’ of armed hold-ups, burglaries and car thefts had left the local community feeling scared and vulnerable.’
    • ‘Caught in the middle of a hold-up at the store, Jack courageously disarms the gunman.’
    • ‘A gang of robbers in Japan stole R2,7million in a bank hold-up in Fukuoka, then caught a bullet train.’
    • ‘Derrick says he has one member who has been involved in 17 armed hold-ups and could no longer work in a bank.’
    • ‘Some 100 retailers were contacted for the purpose of the survey and asked if they always made insurance claims following a hold-up or break-in.’
    • ‘Police remained tight-lipped about the incident but according to reports, around 4 am, a man armed with a gun entered the restaurant and announced a hold-up.’
    robbery, raid, armed robbery, armed raid, theft, burglary, mugging
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