Definition of holding in US English:



  • 1An area of land held by lease.

    • ‘After the 1882 lead market crash, the Beaumont Company gave up the mine, along with its other holdings in the area.’
    • ‘This is reflected in our own region where most holdings are dependent on an off-farm income.’
    • ‘He stated he had approximately 180 acres of his own land but also had rented other holdings throughout the area.’
    • ‘Strict restrictions on vehicles moving between farm holdings will be enforced for the next month.’
    • ‘For the purposes of the permitting arrangements, a holding includes all land parcels declared for area aid purposes.’
    • ‘For the occasion the university library mounted a display of its impressive holdings in the area.’
    • ‘This loss would be minimal in the context of the area of good quality of land within the holding, however, and the development is required for agriculture.’
    • ‘In the Netherlands, England, Wales, and parts of Scotland, tenants generally had good-sized holdings and relatively secure tenure.’
    • ‘Most of the standing and merchantable timber in Oldham was found on the private holdings as opposed to the common lands, which were largely moorland.’
    • ‘You'd be talking about the areas where the holdings are vast and few and far between.’
    • ‘A World Bank study of northeast Brazil estimates that moving farmland into smaller holdings would raise output as much as 80 percent.’
    • ‘It is encouraging to see someone moving on to an agricultural holding rather than moving off it.’
    • ‘One such claim was marked by a transfer of property: the 1922 grant of 80 acres from private holdings to the Commonwealth.’
    territory, region, state, department, canton, area, district, sector, zone, division, administrative area, administrative district, administrative division, administrative unit
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    1. 1.1 The tenure of land held by lease.
      • ‘He is about to sell some of his massive residential holdings to a Colorado based company, with profits estimated to exceed 500 million dollars.’
      • ‘Customary tenure systems are generally comprised of holdings and commons.’
      • ‘Land was held in customary tenure, the largest holdings by 250 daimyos (feudal lords), each with his retinue of dependent samurai.’
      • ‘The current reserve land will be converted to fee simple holdings.’
      • ‘In 1999 / 2000, a third of new council lettings were to new entrants and 90 per cent were for complete holdings which include land, farmhouse and buildings.’
      occupancy, period of occupancy, occupation, period of occupation, residence, habitation, possession
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  • 2holdingsStocks, property, and other financial assets in someone's possession.

    ‘commercial property holdings’
    • ‘The rise in real estate offsets declines in stock holdings and mutual funds.’
    • ‘But health of the real economy, not the market of mutual fund holdings and financial investments, is measured by employment and productivity.’
    • ‘Today, any sensible analysis would certainly expand the definition of what functions as money to include other liquid financial assets, such as holdings in money market funds.’
    • ‘We screened the company's database looking for funds with diversified holdings that spread their assets to many nations in the region.’
    • ‘Since funds report their stock holdings only twice a year, the information is rarely up to date.’
    • ‘Until recently, Mexico's pension funds were required to invest two-thirds of their holdings in government securities.’
    • ‘This is due to the huge decline in equity values over the past 18 months which has, in turn, increased the percentage value of property holdings.’
    • ‘On the back of hefty unrealised profits in their property and stock holdings, Japanese banks boosted their global operations, thinking the expansion could last forever.’
    • ‘That has put a big dent in the value of their stock holdings, generally 60% or more of their total assets.’
    • ‘For the first time, the U.S. is paying foreigners more on their investment income from holdings in America than it receives from its own assets abroad.’
    • ‘The vast majority of this financial credit is created as financial sector entities borrow funds enabling the purchase of additional holdings of financial assets.’
    • ‘In addition, investing in these bonds may help to diversify your fixed-income holdings.’
    • ‘I continue to be an avid follower of the company, because of my stock options and holdings.’
    • ‘The underlying holdings are stocks, which are more volatile than bonds and have a greater risk of losing some of your principal.’
    • ‘While no one is urging investors to panic and liquidate their stock and mutual-fund holdings, the time for crisis-proofing investments has come.’
    • ‘At that point, they would be gaining from their stock holdings, but the fund would be paying lower Social Security benefits.’
    • ‘The company will lose desktop share, but will be able to consolidate its holdings in some areas.’
    • ‘Personal holdings of stocks and mutual funds increased by $944 billion.’
    • ‘Shares feature prominently alongside a mixture of securities and property investments in the holdings of the superannuation funds.’
    • ‘Her financial and property holdings have made her one of the world's richest women.’
    possessions, belongings, valuables
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    1. 2.1 Books, periodicals, magazines, and other material in a library.
      • ‘They have more libraries, with more exhaustive holdings of books, than anywhere in England, I think.’
      • ‘Later, I again heard him speak at the Huntington Library at a special showing of Huntington holdings of books and manuscripts related to the California gold rush.’
      • ‘This year alone, e-mail volume is expected to be the equivalent of 40 copies of the fully digitized holdings of the Library of Congress.’
      • ‘The exception is the discovery of such lists in the archival holdings of the presidential library system managed by the National Archives and Records Administration.’
      • ‘The doll complements the society's extensive library holdings of printed materials relating to the exposition.’
      • ‘Some periodical runs that duplicated the State Library's holdings were offered to other libraries.’
      • ‘In the early 1960s, Jacqueline Kennedy refurbished the room and gathered a distinguished committee to determine appropriate holdings for the library.’
      • ‘It would seem impossible for anyone to look through the archive holdings or material available on video and not find something of interest.’
      • ‘Although most major Australian libraries list the book in their holdings it is not well known.’
      • ‘Thanks to the generosity of the Minnesota Historical Society, the collection also includes among its holdings photocopies of a periodical called The Timely Digest.’
      • ‘The survey revealed that many of the academic libraries have very few holdings, and most of the collections are outdated.’
      • ‘If you live near a large medical library with vast holdings, you may be able to find and read clinical research studies, meta-analyses, and systematic reviews.’
      • ‘In 1978, the holdings of the Fleming Library numbered 453,176 items.’
      • ‘Until about 1997, half of the National Library's holdings were stored at the museum.’
      • ‘The Minster has also made clear that they want the book holdings to continue to be a ‘living library’ and not a ‘frozen’ collection.’
      • ‘Long a part of the library's holdings, these produce box labels and seed and nursery catalogs from 1880 to the present are a little-known treasure worth seeking out.’
      • ‘Since then, the staff of the Mercer Museum has gone through our entire holdings to determine what books they would like to purchase and retain for their collection.’
      • ‘The library's holdings include more than 2.5 million music and spokenword recordings.’
      • ‘This has resulted in the library holdings on Canada rising to over 20000 books, journals, manuscripts, paintings and maps.’
      • ‘It is the world's largest medical library with holdings of more than 5 million books, journals, and other materials.’