Definition of holder in US English:



  • 1A device or implement for holding something.

    ‘the cord retracts easily into its holder’
    • ‘Car manufacturers boast of the number of cup holders their models contain.’
    • ‘Then there are the popular clay water pots, coffee mugs, magazine holders, clock stands, letter boxes and flower vases.’
    • ‘Waist packs with water bottle holders are good alternatives.’
    • ‘In my house there's a compost bin, a box for tins and bottles, a plastic container, a holder for plastic bags, and an old newspaper corner.’
    • ‘The files fell open and knocked my pen holder to the ground.’
    • ‘Some of these mobile phone holders are meant to double as mug holders that can easily hold a cup of hot coffee without allowing the contents to spill out and make a mess on the floorboards.’
    • ‘They settled down into their seats, setting the slushy drinks into the cup holders, and the popcorn on the armrest between them.’
    • ‘Each of the two new cinemas contain wonderful stadium seating with soft upholstery and armrest cup holders.’
    • ‘William slides his water bottle into the cup holder and shut his door, finally putting the key in the ignition.’
    • ‘There are also holders for spectacles, cups and bottles.’
    • ‘The women had a silk scarf wrapped around her head, and smoked a cigarette out of a cigarette holder.’
    • ‘After they sat down, Pheobe put the drink into the cup holder that was on the back of the seats in front of them.’
    • ‘She asked, pointing her cigarette holder to a billboard.’
    • ‘It was famed gossip columnist, wearing a bright red evening gown, smoking a cigarette in a holder and sitting behind a long metal table.’
    • ‘The cover featured a cartoonish drawing of a man in a Hawaiian shirt with a long cigarette holder and a suitcase, looking very guilty about something.’
    • ‘On top of this there are plenty of storage trays in the dashboard, centre console and doors as well as a sunglasses case, cup holders and bottle holders.’
    • ‘They also have birdhouses, pencil holders and wine bottle holders.’
    • ‘Her habit of smoking cigarettes through a long holder - sometimes as many as 60 a day - became her trademark.’
    • ‘There are plenty more stowage points dotted around the car, including glove box, front door pockets, cup and bottle holders, and a special slide out shelf beneath the front seats.’
    • ‘It looks splendid and magical, and is downright inspiring with its real grass, cup holders on the seats and a scoreboard big enough for Times Square.’
    container, receptacle, case, casing, cover, covering, housing, sheath
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  • 2A person who holds something.

    ‘holders of two American hostages’
    ‘US passport holders’
    • ‘Many account holders are likely to be shopkeepers, businessmen, farmers or professionals who may have spent most of the hidden money on holidays or university fees.’
    • ‘When a refund cheque is presented to a bank, the bank will cross-check the name and identity details of the payee on the cheque against the bank's own record on the account holder.’
    • ‘Indian passport holders applying for visas outside India should obtain a statement from their local embassy or consulate confirming that they had no criminal record.’
    • ‘Indeed, payment of dividends could begin as early as next year, with holders of preferred stock receiving the first dividend payments.’
    • ‘My brother and I are both joint passport holders and the three of us registered to vote for the first time especially for this election.’
    • ‘There are also discounts available for the thrifty to holders of American Express cards.’
    • ‘For instance, someone born in Britain may be a citizen of that country by birthright, even though his or her parents were not holders of British passports.’
    • ‘There was in addition, however, a major group of UK passport holders resident abroad who, as full UK citizens, were not covered by the Act.’
    • ‘After losing an passport, the passport holder need to go the nearest police station to claim the lose of passport’
    • ‘The bank has offered a further reduction of 0.25 per cent for Standard Chartered credit card holders and account holders with the bank.’
    • ‘Within 5 minutes, the girls joined a rather extensive line of fellow V.I.P pass holders.’
    • ‘British passport holders don't require visas if staying less than 60 days.’
    • ‘China is being asked to explain why it doubled the prices of tourist visas for UK and US passport holders, officials in Hong Kong confirmed yesterday.’
    • ‘The decision forced the council to pay hundreds of thousands of pounds to look after the British passport holders, who arrived in October.’
    • ‘In December the EU decided that all passport holders, visitors and foreign resident nationals should be fingerprinted.’
    • ‘Federal officials briefly interviewed the pardoned men - all holders of U.S. passports - and then let them go their way.’
    • ‘The UK government has drawn up contingency plans for evacuating more than 20,000 British passport holders if things get worse.’
    • ‘For holders of share certificates a fee of £10 plus 1.65 per cent commission per deal will apply.’
    • ‘All other passport holders must hold a visa before travelling to Australia.’
    • ‘Second, I do not think it is right to ignore the terms of the investment agreement which refer to the investments and cash being held for the account holders as beneficial joint tenants.’
    bearer, owner, possessor, keeper, proprietor
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    1. 2.1 The possessor of a trophy, championship, or record.
      ‘the record holder in the 100-meter dash’
      • ‘‘It'll be a very hard record to break,’ said the holder of the European record of 6.46.’
      • ‘His sporting heroes are Paula Radcliffe and World Record 200 metres holder Michael Johnston.’
      • ‘It will be most unfortunate and could signal the end of Lara's career at a time when he is poised to become the holder of the record for the most runs by a batsman in Test cricket.’
      • ‘Right now, Lara is the holder of eight world records.’
      • ‘At the function, the annual awards will be presented, so all current holders of trophies are asked to return them to the club secretary before the end of April.’
      • ‘The only real concern for holders and All-Ireland champions Kerry will be to play up to form.’
      • ‘Gillian is now the holder of two world records having set a new record in the outdoor 5000m in Dublin last summer.’
      • ‘The cabinets are the proud holders of trophies showing sporting and other achievements down through the years.’
      • ‘England want to be the double World Cup holders.’
      • ‘Badenhorst is three-times World Powerlifting champion and holder of the record for the World Mighty Man.’
      • ‘Whether Scotland's record cap holder remains at the helm through these challenges will become clearer during the week.’
      • ‘He is the current holder of the Irish record for the highest score of 4,273 points in a tetrathlon.’
      • ‘They are the current holders of this prestigious trophy.’
      • ‘Who are the only two countries to be World Cup and European Championship holders simultaneously?’
      • ‘World Cup holders and England's current opponents Australia are also under political pressure to pull out, but India and Pakistan have both indicated their intention to play.’
      • ‘Word is out that the holders of the trophy, Bernie and Dympna, are out to make it back to back victories.’
      • ‘Yorkshire were relieved to get rid of this pair so quickly because last year they figured in a century stand together in Ireland's shock win against Trophy holders, Surrey.’
      • ‘At 16 he is the youngest ever holder of a senior record in the club's 119-year history.’
      • ‘Reigate Heath are the current holders of the trophy, which they won last September.’
      • ‘To some, he is blessed by genius and is a worthy holder of the world record number of Test match wickets.’
  • 3A smallholder.

    • ‘On Monday two main contenders for the land were soon identified - the current holder Willy and another farmer, David Charnley.’
    • ‘Magistrates were drawn from local property holders, and were almost without exception major planters.’
    • ‘Yet the bourgeois property holders changed little in the way they farmed.’