Definition of hold someone to bail in US English:

hold someone to bail


  • Bind someone by bail.

    • ‘This last measure made the Justices of the Peace mere puppets, unable to commit a prisoner or to hold him to bail.’
    • ‘The objection that the bail had discharged the judgement and for his indemnity had arrested the plaintiff here, and held him to bail, is not supported by the requisite evidence to establish the fact.’
    • ‘While every justice of the peace could issue his warrant against a supposed libeller, and hold him to bail; the secretary of state, armed with the extraordinary powers of the Habeas Corpus suspension act, could imprison him, upon bare suspicion, and detain him in safe custody, without bringing him to trial.’
    • ‘Bement held him to bail in the sum of $500 for his appearance to Court.’
    • ‘It shall require the sheriff of the county where the defendant may be found forthwith to arrest him and hold him to bail in a specified sum, and to return the order at a place and time therein mentioned to the clerk of the court in which the action is brought.’