Definition of hold out on in US English:

hold out on

phrasal verb

  • Refuse to give something, typically information, to (someone).

    • ‘I know how much it hurt you, and I definitely agree that it would have hurt me too - but it seemed like she was holding out on you before that.’
    • ‘Little were we to realize, then, that the group has in fact been holding out on us.’
    • ‘Was it wise for me to hold out on information like that?’
    • ‘They'd know that I was holding out on them, but what did they expect?’
    • ‘I just want to know… why are you holding out on me?’
    • ‘If the economists won't say why the boss makes so much, what else are they holding out on?’
    • ‘While the British held out on sharing information, it did build the Australian public a consolation prize, a nuclear reactor at Lucas Heights in Southern Sydney.’
    • ‘Because if you're dating that LeeAnne girl and have been holding out on me, I'm gonna kill you!’
    • ‘I think you've been holding out on me.’
    • ‘He's holding out on vital information that we trusted him with.’