Definition of hold hands in US English:

hold hands


  • (of two or more people) clasp each other by the hand, typically as a sign of affection.

    • ‘People skate in couples or larger groups, tightly holding hands and trying to keep balance.’
    • ‘They walked around the shopping centre holding hands, and staring at each other lovingly.’
    • ‘Soon the pair hit it off and spent the return journey holding hands and gazing into each other's eyes.’
    • ‘The thing that really gets me is their intimate behaviour, sitting close together and holding hands.’
    • ‘Two friends engulfed in grief held hands helping each other through the difficult time.’
    • ‘We would hold hands, or wrap our arms around each other while taking a stroll on the sea wall.’
    • ‘Almost four hundred years later it still is the awe inspiring place where lovers hold hands and swoon over each other.’
    • ‘Once in a while young couples can be seen walking the streets holding hands.’
    • ‘On the train, a couple sits together, holding hands and speaking in hushed voices.’
    • ‘Friends of the same sex may hold hands and greet each other with kisses on the cheek.’