Definition of hold button in US English:

hold button


  • A button on a telephone that temporarily interrupts a call so that another call may be taken.

    • ‘Remember that novelty phones such as these are more about the look than function, so if you're looking for a hold button or 20-number phonebook memory, these are not the answer.’
    • ‘I pressed the hold button and picked up the other phone and dialled the manager's number, it rung a few times and then he picked up.’
    • ‘‘He bought her, didn't he? ‘was all she said after depressing the hold button.’’
    • ‘John picked the phone up and pushed the hold button.’
    • ‘She clicked the hold button on her phone, setting it back in its cradle before tripping down the hallway into Jason's room and plopping down on his bed.’
    • ‘Grabbing the nearest phone in the employee lounge, Mitch hit the hold button.’
    • ‘Haley presses the hold button on her phone, sets it on her bed, and practically jumps down the stairs.’
    • ‘I pressed the hold button with Luke yapping off on the other side.’
    • ‘Hurriedly she picked it up, jabbing the hold button to ‘un-hold’ him.’