Definition of hold all the aces in US English:

hold all the aces


  • Have all the advantages.

    • ‘It's there to make sure that the US is holding all the aces.’
    • ‘While nothing can be taken for granted in a final, Kilmaine appear to hold all the aces up front and should accumulate enough scores to see them return to the senior championship next season.’
    • ‘Individually, and collectively, they held all the aces against their Roscommon counterparts, especially in the final minutes when they displayed great confidence and composure to regain the lead.’
    • ‘The vast majority of clubs are now operating with smaller squads and because of that players are no longer holding all the aces.’
    • ‘In the Superleague standings though, it is Sheffield Steelers who hold all the aces.’
    • ‘It was the perfect start and, with Charlton's confidence in shreds after just one win in their previous eight games, Wanderers held all the aces.’
    • ‘The expected firm ground tomorrow may not be ideal for Caesar Beware, but he looks to hold all the aces.’
    • ‘So why should a nation of five million be ashamed of the fact that it holds all the aces in running a country of 60 million?’
    • ‘The winners held all the aces on the night and eased into the final on the back of some heavy scoring and some razor sharp finishing which was the difference between the sides at the finish.’
    • ‘The winners held all the aces in defence, mid-field and attack.’
    • ‘The Newmarket duo will be represented by No Excuse Needed, who holds all the aces in the £80,000 Celebration Mile.’
    • ‘Then, it was the clubs and the managers who called the shots, now the players hold all the aces.’
    • ‘In these boom conditions, the TV channels hold all the aces.’
    • ‘However Kerry held all the aces and, once the ball was transferred quickly to the forward line, they wreaked havoc with some great movement and clinical finishing.’
    • ‘At Oxford, he held all the aces - president of the union, editor of Isis, director of the Dramatic Society - and was widely hailed as the man most likely to succeed.’
    • ‘In terms of physical power, skill and teamwork, they held all the aces.’
    • ‘Both sides know the government holds all the aces.’
    • ‘It is as if nature will continue to test mankind, seemingly holding all the aces, in spite of the great advances in science and technology.’
    • ‘The negotiators from developed countries hold all the aces here, and any final deal is likely to largely diluted in its power to bring rich nations to heel and uplift developing nations' economies.’
    • ‘Apart from the fact that it can be lost or even copied, if there is any kind of a problem you have no bargaining power when the hire company holds all the aces - your passport!’