Definition of hoity-toity in US English:



  • Haughty or snobbish.

    ‘the moneyed, hoity-toity inhabitants of the island’
    • ‘My eye was caught by her hoity-toity reference to the use of bedding plants in ‘sad seaside towns’.’
    • ‘A girl from highschool was there with some of her hoity-toity friends, who I didn't know.’
    • ‘Of course, one event can only do so much, and for Toronto, there's still lots of room to reach more people who don't necessarily go in for hoity-toity fashion events.’
    • ‘We're not claiming to be some hoity-toity authorities on the subject, but we do love our films, and we're going to share them all with you.’
    • ‘You'll have seen them on TV, usually with a double-barrelled name, a hoity-toity accent and a self-appointed mission to keep Scotland in the Dark Ages.’
    • ‘‘They see people in the country as hoity-toity but nothing could be further from the truth,’ he said as we pulled into the driveway of his fifteenth-century home, Kilhenzie Castle.’
    • ‘Or is he just downright hoity-toity, with that nose in the air and far-off stare?’
    • ‘The road would through a sixties/seventies section of hoity-toity Edina, the rich neighborhood of Minneapolis' postwar ascendant period.’
    • ‘She'd then hire a limo and tell us that she would meet us at whatever hoity-toity expensive restaurant my dad had chosen to take us to dinner at.’
    • ‘Don't the good citizens of York, who live here year in, year out, deserve their city to be enhanced irrespective of any hoity-toity invasion?’
    • ‘I'd forgotten that I lived in a hoity-toity school district where kids driving thirty-thousand dollar cars were the rule.’
    • ‘I do not know why people think I am hoity-toity or a snob!’
    • ‘The way he talks - his British accent makes him sound so hoity-toity and full of himself, which he is!’
    • ‘She was a hoity-toity type who never lifted a finger to earn her keep and was only good at spending her daddy's money.’
    • ‘‘Well so are you,’ Krist returned haughtily, in his snooty, hoity-toity accent.’
    • ‘That Russian spokesperson was a bit hoity-toity, wasn't she?’
    • ‘Deana was from a hoity-toity family, see, and was all set to attend an Ivy League school of her choice for college.’
    • ‘It is important to remember that the Toronto International Film Festival started out as a very small event in 1976, and only over the years has it grown to become the hoity-toity film industry behemoth that it is.’
    • ‘All those Visa bills and other credit card bills are keeping these hoity-toity stores in business, obviously.’
    • ‘She's not a hoity-toity legal type, but very ordinary and down-to-earth.’
    proud, vain, arrogant, conceited, snobbish, stuck-up, pompous, self-important, superior, egotistical, supercilious, condescending, lofty, patronizing, smug, scornful, contemptuous, disdainful, overweening, overbearing, imperious, lordly, cavalier, high-handed, full of oneself, above oneself
    snobbish, haughty, condescending, disdainful, patronizing, snobby, conceited, proud, arrogant, supercilious, superior, imperious, above oneself, self-important, overweening, lordly, lofty
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Mid 17th century (as noun in the sense ‘boisterous or silly behavior’, then as adjective meaning ‘lively and playful’): from obsolete hoit ‘indulge in riotous mirth’, of unknown origin.