Definition of hogwash in US English:



  • Nonsense.

    • ‘The story and particularly the ending is utter hogwash, making no sense in relation to the rest of the film and offering no kind of satisfying conclusion to the story.’
    • ‘The real hogwash commenced after results started pouring in.’
    • ‘But he said in a telephone interview Sunday that the written memo ‘was hogwash.’’
    • ‘All this stuff about the need to be ‘relevant’ is just a bunch of hogwash to me which puts strategy ahead of substance.’
    • ‘It's a hysteria which makes otherwise perfectly intelligent people go on television and talk utter hogwash.’
    • ‘They would tell me if they thought something was just hogwash, or if they were completely dissatisfied by an answer - or a question.’
    • ‘The frequently repeated notion that ‘things were very different back then’ is plain hogwash.’
    • ‘People seem to believe hogwash if it validates some notion they cherish.’
    • ‘It's hogwash to try and persuade the third world of football that ambition will see them through some day.’
    • ‘This is hogwash and this isn't true.’
    • ‘So don't give us that hogwash about jobs anymore.’
    • ‘Normally I'd consider that dangerous hogwash, but sometimes, sometimes I do wonder.’
    • ‘Trust me, these ‘get rich quick’ advertisements are pure bull, guff and hogwash!’
    • ‘8.20: Well that was a waste of time. Bit of smoke, a few sparks, but basically a load of hogwash.’
    • ‘Nebraskans are a commonsensical lot, and they know hogwash when they hear it.’
    • ‘It was a big group of writers who created this hogwash under a common name.’
    • ‘As you can see, all this advice being offered by these so-called ‘online experts’ is nothing but hogwash and claptrap.’
    • ‘But to suggest the new legislation denies them their democratic rights is hogwash.’
    • ‘Everybody who's actually seen the movie loves it and says the charge of anti-Semitism is hogwash.’
    • ‘Rivers and streams are being paved everywhere, the general justification being flood control, when in fact it's hogwash.’
    prattle, chatter, twitter, babble, talk, prating, gabble, jabber, blether, rambling
    nonsense, rubbish, balderdash, gibberish, blarney, claptrap, guff, blather, blether
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Mid 15th century: from hog + wash; the original sense was ‘kitchen swill for pigs’.