Definition of hogfish in US English:



  • A colorful wrasse (fish) that occurs chiefly in the warm waters of the western Atlantic, often acting as a cleaner fish for other species.

    Several genera and species in the family Labridae, in particular the large edible Lachnolaimus maximus

    • ‘Small clusters of snappers and Mexican hogfish momentarily lose their companions in the melee, while trumpetfish are swept along with enthusiasm for a meal, hoping not to become one!’
    • ‘Well, the same happens in reverse with cleaning, to the point where, if you are really lucky, you might get to see a fully grown angelfish or hogfish cleaning a shark.’
    • ‘A hogfish had been ‘cleaning’ me, nibbling at my equipment and at my fingers.’
    • ‘A Spanish hogfish poses in its zebra-striped nightclothes, but every time I bring it into my lamp beam to frame up its portrait, it instantly changes back to its drab daylight guise.’
    • ‘Longfin damselfish aggressively defend their territory from all intruders and are therefore rarely cleaned by facultative cleaners such as juvenile bluehead wrasse and Spanish hogfish.’
    • ‘‘On our last dive we saw a bunch of juvenile hogfish,’ reports Haskell, a species he describes as a snapper with markings around its eyes and a rooster-tail fin.’
    • ‘At the end of the dive you can make your way back to the eel-grass, where bumphead parrotfish and hogfish with attendant bar jacks feed in the sand.’
    • ‘At one point, a huge puffer vied for attention with an even bigger hogfish, while an eagle ray dug into the sand beneath an overhang of soft corals.’