Definition of hogan in US English:



  • A traditional Navajo hut of logs and earth.

    • ‘She explains that the Navajos' ceremonial hogan, an east-facing round hut of wood and mud, mirrors the geography of Black Mesa and its surrounding Four Sacred Mountains.’
    • ‘The new teachers ended up visiting a Navajo hogan and learning firsthand about family life in the rural areas.’
    • ‘Those in more remote areas may live in hogans, traditional 8-sided Navajo dwellings with a stove in the middle of the room.’
    • ‘Register for the Navajo cultural exchange, and sleep in an authentic hogan, 100 yards down the hill from an authentic outhouse.’
    • ‘From our base camp at a hogan in the forest, we'll explore the spectacular and historic canyon country that has been the home of Native peoples for 800 years.’
    • ‘A non-profit organization in Arizona is using small-diameter wood to build traditional hogans for Navajos, an idea that has met with overwhelming demand.’
    • ‘We even have Navajos coming from New Mexico asking for hogans, ‘she says.’’
    • ‘The Navajo traditionally lived in a hogan, at least part of the year.’
    • ‘A small-diameter wood was used to build Navajo hogans.’