Definition of hodoscope in English:



  • An instrument for observing the paths of subatomic particles, especially those arising from cosmic rays.

    • ‘In addition, the two hodoscopes can provide time measurements with a resolution of few hundred picoseconds.’
    • ‘The use of muon hodoscopes for diagnostics of active phenomena in the Earth's atmosphere will give a possibility to watch the inner atmospheric processes at principally new level.’
    • ‘The center of the hodoscope is currently bowed towards what was the upbeam direction.’
    • ‘In the PAMELA telescope are included several scintillation counter hodoscopes.’
    • ‘The ones that reach the earth, and trigger the hodoscope, are mainly muons.’


Early 20th century (denoting a microscope for examination of light paths in crystals): from Greek hodos way + -scope. The current sense dates from the 1950s.