Definition of hockey in English:



    • ‘What Indian players need is competitive hockey rather than long overdrawn camps.’
    • ‘Kevin, a goal keeper, plays hockey all over the world as his work takes him to new places.’
    • ‘Now children have the choice of all these plus football, hockey and gymnastics.’
    • ‘It will mean we'll be able to extend our facilities for hockey, football, netball and basketball.’
    • ‘So successfully in fact, that she was picked for Kent's youth teams for both hockey and cricket.’
    • ‘Football, hockey and tennis will be available for both school and community use.’
    • ‘Major team sports include rugby, soccer and cricket for boys and hockey and netball for girls.’
    • ‘She is in Huntington School girls' football team and enjoys playing hockey and netball.’
    • ‘But this time on the synthetic turf pitches that are an integral part of the modern game of hockey.’
    • ‘Vicky has physiotherapy every day at school and plays hockey for the school team.’
    • ‘The centre is host to a number of different sports including hockey, soccer and cricket.’
    • ‘Andy Gard was a healthy teenager who loved all sports and played hockey for his county.’
    • ‘Admittedly, hockey is a team game, and we cannot attribute all losses just to one person.’
    • ‘It was a night of disappointment for Orkney on Friday as the senior football and hockey teams lost out.’
    • ‘In truth, though, Oxford did not produce the hockey they are no doubt capable of in the second period.’
    • ‘There is no indication what the surface was, but it served for all manner of games from football to hockey, to cricket.’
    • ‘After half an hour a few more people start to turn up and the hockey gets under way.’
    • ‘The garden is situated beyond the Camellia House, behind the wall that runs alongside the hockey pitch.’
    • ‘The team will need to tighten its defence, play possession hockey and score more goals if it is not to be relegated.’
    • ‘The second-half saw an excellent game of hockey with both teams determined to dominate.’


Early 16th century: of unknown origin.