Definition of hobnob in English:



[NO OBJECT]informal
  • Mix socially, especially with those of higher social status.

    ‘a select few who hobnob with the biggest celebrities the country has to offer’
    • ‘While occasionally posturing as a friend of the working man, Kelly climbed the social ladder and hobnobbed with the rich and powerful.’
    • ‘It looks like the kids and I are going shopping tonight while my spouse is out hobnobbing at the bar with his co-workers.’
    • ‘After a period of voluntary unemployment he finds work at Aldermaston, hobnobbing with geniuses who could blow up the world if they felt so inclined.’
    • ‘It's not about hobnobbing with sports superstars and entertaining celebrities in the Owner's Box.’
    • ‘The speeches are on TV, and while it's nice to hobnob with your political heroes, what does it really bring to the table.’
    • ‘Eventually, he became a marketing manager for Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, where he hobnobbed with celebrities and organized regular concerts.’
    • ‘Evidently, the secondary exposure to Hollywood through this man, who hobnobs with the greats there every week, had left his audience singularly untouched.’
    • ‘But living in the lap of luxury was not a good thing for an artist, although hobnobbing with the movers and shakers she met through her husband had other advantages, such as a number of US commissions that came her way.’
    • ‘Did you think that you were perhaps hobnobbing with the future president?’
    • ‘He hobnobbed with the elite, and among his friends was a mathematician who made a startling discovery.’
    • ‘With the arrival of the festival, my social profile has improved immeasurably and I have already been to two fun parties where I hobnobbed with actual celebrities while slugging copious quantities of warm white wine.’
    • ‘Last May the press also reported that he had hobnobbed with a well-known gangster at a wedding at which he was the guest of honor.’
    • ‘A president who used VIP status to hobnob with movie stars would be laughed out of office.’
    • ‘He can't sit still, flitting from place to place around the globe to make speeches and hobnob with celebrities.’
    • ‘If you think being a Rock and Roll photographer involves hobnobbing with the rich and famous, spending afternoons sailing and meeting musicians most people only dream of - then you're right.’
    • ‘When not hobnobbing in Washington, Roussel is working on a career memoir.’
    • ‘He drove a company Jaguar, had a $10,000 stereo system in his office and jetted around the region to hobnob with recording stars and entertainment executives.’
    • ‘Lately for me, it's been all about hobnobbing with former stars.’
    • ‘Since their fall, hobnobbing with the great and the good is a thing of the past, perhaps.’
    blend, mingle, combine, put together, stir, jumble, merge
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Early 19th century (in the sense ‘drink together’): from archaic hob or nob, hob and nob, probably meaning ‘give and take’, used by two people drinking to each other's health, from dialect hab nab ‘have or not have’.