Definition of hobblebush in US English:



  • A North American viburnum which bears clusters of white or pink flowers and purple-black berries.

    Viburnum alnifolium, family Caprifoliaceae

    • ‘Understory vegetation is dominated by hobblebush, striped maple, mountain maple, brambles (Rubus spp.), and seedlings and saplings of the dominant tree species.’
    • ‘On previous days there were tall hobblebushes on the trail.’
    • ‘Shady conditions allow for less variety, but try a mix of red-berried elder, hobblebush, cedar, and choke cherry.’
    • ‘This is a photo of the hobblebush just as the outer flowers are beginning to open.’
    • ‘Moose and deer feed upon hobblebush, but the plants that they have browsed become stunted and develop atypical leaves.’
    • ‘Slightly up slope, hobblebushes, transplanted last spring from a nearby forest, are relaxing after a summer of settling into their new homes.’