Definition of Hmong in US English:



  • 1A member of a people living traditionally in isolated mountain villages throughout Southeast Asia. Large numbers have immigrated to the US.

    Also called Miao
    • ‘The story makes it clear that the Hmong frequently practice polygamy.’
    • ‘Finally, with heavy support from CIA and Air Force resources, the Hmong reached the base on Phou Phathi.’
    • ‘Five thousand years ago, the Hmong were driven from their homeland in northern China, setting off a southward migration across Asia’
    • ‘Seven of the participants, six of whom were 25 or older, felt that most of their friends were Hmong.’
    • ‘Still, the immigrant farmer project, and working with the Hmong in particular, is proving to be one of Glover's biggest challenges.’
    • ‘Since 1990 the Hmong in Minnesota have increased by 150 percent.’
    • ‘The subsequent rivalry between these two men and their followers led to the permanent political separation of the Hmong in Laos.’
    • ‘She also cited Laotians and Hmong that support trade relations.’
    • ‘Products of a village culture and ill-equipped for life in urban-industrial America, the Hmong found their exile particularly difficult.’
    • ‘This is also how the Hmong, among the area's poorest ethnic minorities, struggle to support themselves and their families.’
    • ‘In Laos, the CIA airline, Air America, was running opium for Vang Pao and the Hmong during the Vietnam war.’
    • ‘Geddes contributed the study on the Hmong, Miles worked amongst the Yao, and I amongst the Karen, after two years as full-time adviser.’
    • ‘Geddes' credentials for the job derived from his research amongst the Hmong during 1958-59.’
    • ‘Often indigenous peoples are blamed for forest destruction as in the case of the Hmong and Karen in Thailand.’
    • ‘Fadiman sees this as an expression of conflict with what the Hmong perceive to be a hostile American culture.’
    • ‘The cultural practices of the Hmong have also proved extremely troubling.’
    • ‘The exact number of Hmong students is not available for the UW System, but the majority of the Southeast Asian students are Hmong.’
    • ‘Minority groups in this small, mountainous country include the Mon-Khmer, the Yao, and the Hmong.’
    • ‘Similar attitudes can be found among Sinicized highlanders, such as the Hmong.’
    • ‘It is found in many Japanese, in the Tibetans of the Himalayas and among isolated people of Southeast Asia, like the Hmong.’
  • 2The language of the Hmong, occurring in a large number of highly distinct dialects.

    • ‘The L1 writing prompts were translated by bilingual teaching professionals whose native languages were Spanish, Hmong, and Russian.’
    • ‘By the way, a search for ‘plawg’ Lincoln produces pages in a language which I deduce to be Hmong.’
    • ‘The languages they have brought are not French and German, but Spanish, Mandarin, Hmong, and Vietnamese.’
    • ‘The researcher conducted research via the Internet about Hmong classes offered in Merced as well.’
    • ‘The other participants with offspring spoke both Hmong and English to their children; their children, if old enough to speak, did the same.’
    • ‘Participants from the younger generations noted that they have difficulty speaking Hmong without using English.’
    • ‘The late immigrant group included five Spanish, two Hmong, and six Russian speakers.’
    • ‘It turns out that this is a spelling of what is more usually written as Hmong.’
    • ‘Districts have also considered implementing programs in Hmong and Vietnamese.’


  • Relating to the Hmong or their language.

    • ‘Church welfare agencies, working with national charities and local government, settled Hmong refugees from Vietnam in Wausau.’
    • ‘Among Hmong funeral customs, a ‘chicken’ is often sacrificed because it can fly and will alert heaven of the decedent's imminent arrival.’
    • ‘Three cheerful, vibrant Hmong girls, led by their ‘mentor’ Supaporn, joined the discussions at Nong Hoi.’
    • ‘Participants also had varying feelings about the Hmong language shifting.’
    • ‘There are strict rules to this two-week love match, an annual gathering of the Hmong people.’
    • ‘What support is available for Hmong language and cultural maintenance in Merced?’
    • ‘Kazoua Kong-Thao, one of two Hmong candidates on Tuesday's ballot, also won a seat on the school board.’
    • ‘This morning, Hmong leaders gathered to offer prayers for the victims, support for their survivors in west central Wisconsin.’
    • ‘Participants felt that a generational shift in Hmong language and culture might be occurring for various reasons.’
    • ‘Exactly two American flags present in the entire parade: Gnat had one, and a little tiny Hmong kid had one taped to his baby carriage.’
    • ‘The hospital was in a part of town with a large population of Hmong immigrants.’
    • ‘Then there are the Hmong people, who haven't seen foreigners for 29 years.’
    • ‘But with my Hmong students, I have to bring in wheat.’
    • ‘A dozen Hmong girls step daintily down to meet their suitors.’
    • ‘A Lao adopted by Hmong family, he recently fled the country, risking death, he says, all to get a videotape out to the world.’
    • ‘Some of the figures are even clinging to cut pieces of bamboo, seemingly recreating the tragic legend of the lost Hmong language.’
    • ‘There were lots of Hmong and Dzhou minority people that live in villages around Sapa.’
    • ‘Compass has learned that six Hmong Christians were among those prisoners freed in connection with the April 30 amnesty.’
    • ‘A closer look at the schooling of Hmong students, for example, shows that nationally only 31 percent of them graduate from high school.’
    • ‘One of the factors complicating the adjustment of the Hmong people has been English language acquisition.’