Definition of hither and thither (also hither and yon) in US English:

hither and thither (also hither and yon)


  • In various directions, especially in a disorganized way.

    ‘the entire household ran hither and thither’
    • ‘The plot twists hither and yon, but there isn't the smallest real tension hanging on this stylised arrangement.’
    • ‘Second, I've been out just about every day since the sales started coming in, posting items off hither and yon.’
    • ‘Dirty clothes were strewn hither and yon, along with crumpled paper balls.’
    • ‘I have literally dozens of the things scattered hither and yon on the bench but the one I need never seems to be there.’
    • ‘They had been aimlessly shining their torches hither and yon for an hour, when Manny unleashed his galling swan song.’
    in various places, in different places, hither and thither, at random
    from place to place, around, about, to and fro, hither and thither, back and forth, in all directions, from pillar to post
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